How to Crawl Links with Redirect Path

What is Redirect Path?

It is a free Chrome extension that shows you a map of the link you clicked on most recently. You can add it to your browser from the Chrome Web Store.

After you click a link, you can click on the extension icon on your Chrome toolbar. This opens a dropdown widget that shows you data about the last link you clicked on.

Identify Publisher IDs

Once you understand the path and intended destination of the URL, you can look for key information such as publisher IDs. First, it is useful to become familiar with the URL structure a certain network uses.

For example, Impact usually looks like this –

The first set of # signs after .net are a Publisher ID within Impact’s network. The second set of # signs are an Ad ID to a specific offer or product page. And the last set of # signs indicate a specific brands ID.

For example, this is an affiliate link for Onnit using Impact.

And this is an affiliate link for Book Like a Boss on CJ.

They look much different, but both indicate which affiliate network is used. Redirect Path works even if the URL is masked by Pretty Links or Bitly.

Eliminating Redirects

Each redirect step can be clicked onto reveal more information about that step. A 404 error can be retraced to find the issue. Other information that can be seen are click IDs, pixel tracking, sub IDs, and so on.

One small optimization is ensuring that all your links begin with https. This eliminates a step of redirecting from http to https. The least amount of redirects means a quicker site experience for the user and better conversion rates.


Whether you are a brand or an affiliate, both need links to work properly. This is the foundation of a good affiliate partnership.

Affiliates won’t promote without reliable tracking and brands won’t generate sales.

Poorly optimized affiliate links that load slowly are less likely to convert users into sales.

Optimized affiliate links will only help the user experience and ensure commissions are awarded properly to affiliates.

Want more?

If you have any questions about this topic or need more in-depth help with your affiliate efforts, send me an email.

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