The Best Affiliate Strategy for Affiliates

Mythical Super Affiliates

Everyone wants to become a super affiliate and earn tons of passive income. It’s like being retired, working a little bit online on your own schedule and then going to play golf or whatever.

The dream is to “set it and forget it” while the cash steadily comes in. Right?

Super affiliates also get invited to private VIP parties at affiliate conferences by the companies they promote. They get to go to the best cities and stay in fancy hotels with the best restaurants. New York City, Las Vegas, Orlando, LA, etc.

I’ve been to these parties and met these super affiliates many times.

Reality Check

Despite the youtube ads with Lamborghinis and mansions, being a super affiliate is not all that glamorous. Don’t be fooled by those guys in those ads with overnight promises.

Super affiliates are normal people that just work really hard. Most of them are great people… the secret it they treat their online presence as a business. They actually invest into it.

I know this because it’s an Affiliate Manager’s job to help them succeed.

For example, working with Ryan Robinson was a blast. He’s not a flashy guy and is a top affiliate for many products (like web hosting) that he recommends to content creators.

People like Ryan have taken many years to build their affiliate businesses to where it is. It taken a lot of trial and error and periods of time when it all just seemed to be stagnant.

The Minimal Affiliate

Having managed several affiliate programs over the years, it’s clear what methods work well and what do not. The pattern becomes visible.

There are more affiliates in a program that generate low results than there are high performing affiliates. The split is always nearly 80/20.

This means most affiliates either don’t have the knowledge or (for any number of reasons) focus on other things.

Most affiliates are looking for an easy win where they feel they can get instant sales, which creates a lot of competition and ultimately does not get the results they were looking for.

This is where most lose interest in affiliate marketing and move on to other ventures.

Many years ago it was reasonably easy to set up a review website, show up on search results, and generate some sales. Now it has become highly competitive to rank on keywords that other affiliate sites are also targeting to capture traffic.

The Winning Strategy

Omni-channel presence.

In other words…it’s the long game. It’s still possible to start affiliate marketing today and do well, just takes longer, needs well thought out strategies, and consistent effort. The good news is affiliate marketing becomes an engine that gains momentum over time.

Let’s not forget genuineness. The internet can smell a desperate person looking to make a quick buck. Your audience should find some value in what you’re putting out there.

So what’s “omni-channel”?

Remember, the top performing affiliates treat this as a business. They invest in quality web hosting and other tools. A slow site is like trying to win a race with ankle weights. Trust me it is much better to invest and not worry about website issues, and instead you can focus on other activities to keep growing.

They’re spending their work hours formulating content, positioning that content strategically, finding ways to capture email subscribers, building social media followings, collaborating with others, hosting podcasts, posting Youtube videos, and much more. Slowly the content will start ranking on search engines and get shared by others. The goal is to create many avenues for audiences to find you online.

It all contributes to the end step of generating a sale.

Pick Two

There are so many things you can do to grow a business. I won’t even list them all, but it’s why big companies hire entire marketing teams.

So just pick two to start with. Think about what your strengths are.

For example, pick your blog articles and Instagram. And for a year really focus and work at those two things consistently. No slacking or getting distracted. By then, you will probably have gathered a small following and you can consider adding a Youtube channel.

All the while promoting affiliate links is a must, because you never know when a post will go viral or a visitor might buy from your links.

A Few Affiliate Examples is a rockstar with email newsletters, but she has a blog where she writes articles and promotes affiliate products. And she flips websites like you would flip a house!

Darrel Wilson makes videos on Youtube reviewing online tools and teaching people how to use use them. He’s an affiliate for those products, and in two years, he’s built up to 187k subscribers, but he also has a blog with many articles.

And Beyond…

THEN, once your affiliate marketing is in a good place – you will have more freedom to spend time maybe selling your own products, building other businesses, or spending time with family.

Of course, affiliate marketing is not the only way to earn income. But it still works.

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